design finally coming around to what i wanted

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this week my lifes been hectic had jury duty and juggling classes and work and job serching for more work lol. But my page is coming along well the problem im having now is that it goes to index instead of home but i think that mite be the webhost cuz i used a different one from the other site im doing. here is the address


week 3!!!!!!!YAYAYYAYAYAYA

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ok so my site is basically designed now i just have to get joomla to work unless i can just do it all in dreamweaver but i dont know if it does all the same things. so im basically dead in the water till i get joomla to workPhoto0120

Blog number one: confusion and frustration

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ok so ive been looking into local servers and all its doing is confusing me i dont know if im just web illiterate or if it really is that hard to find one.So any ways i just went ahead and gpt that xampp thing. As for the design of my site it has been changing alot lately due to my lack of skill with actually making the site. so ive hard kinda a hard time copping lol. Been a bit stressful but the posts from the teacher have helped greatly.I easily installed xampp and followed the videos and that was all smooth sailing but then i had to do a screen shot. I cant figure it out i googled it still didnt work so i took a picture hope thats good enough for now.local host screen

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!